Will my idea be protected?

Yes. A non disclosure agreement "NDA" can be arranged prior to commencement.

Do I own the all document relating to product design once completed?

Yes. Our clients own all intellectual property and documents involved once your project is complete.

Do you make prototypes of ideas?

Yes . We have built up a relationship with local manufactures in a variety of sectors depending on the complexity of the product we can provide a manufactured prototype and aid you in sourcing production services. We also provide rapid prototyping / 3D printing .

Do you design logos for products?

No, but we do work with a selection of graphic designers who we can refer you to.

Do you manufacture products?

We can work with your existing manufacturers or we can source manufacturers from anywhere you request. We also have a wide range of manufacturers that we currently work alongside that we can use also. Due to the varitey of product that we design we outsource all our fabriction, this helps us to stay flexible and keep our overheads and rates low. We also have the advantage of knowing which supplier has the best facilities for a particular project and get it in on budget.

Do you provide after service support?

Yes. We can assist you after the product design is complete through the sourcing manufacturers for your product. If you have any questions we are happy to discuss them with you.