About Us

Caesol Limited was founded by Liam Regan; Honours Degree in Manufacturing Technology in 2002 with over 19 years working in precision manufacturing and engineering, he saw the need for an integrated approach to product design, analysis and manufacturing in a timely and affordable manner.

He is a fully Certified SolidWorks Expert (please view certifications below), this allows our clients to be confident of our SolidWorks competency and use of good design practice. Practical experience in operating, programming and managing various manufacturing processes at all level of the manufacturing sector has granted him unique insight into practical solutions to problems encountered saving his clients time and money.


How do we work?

We provide a cost-effective mechanical/manufacturing engineering, product design and development services to our clients. Because all our clients' needs are different, every project we deliver is tailored to suit their exact requirements.

Firstly we offer a 30-minute consultation to discuss your ideas, this service is completely confidential and without obligation.

We will then produce a proposal explaining what we can do, how much it will approximately cost, and how long it will take.

If you are happy to work with CAESOL we will discuss a variety of concept ideas, which will be analysed using various techniques including CAE, design for manufacture, and other aspects of product feasibility. Virtual 3D prototypes will then be created to capture product form and the improved concepts are then evaluated by the customer. Once the customer is satisfied a physical prototype may then be produced.